Laniakea Translation Technology

Laniakea translation technology

Enables users to live in a world with no language barriers and communicate in natural multilingual conversations instantly in person or long distance. We are building the software that will usher in a world that is truly languageless. 

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Lingfinity Universal Translator:

The Lingfinity universal translator is the best solution for all your, in person multilingual interpretation needs. Communicate in over 70 languages instantly in face to face conversations. Coming soon: No internet, no problem with offline mode, have instant bilingual conversations when the internet is not available. Also try our Bluetooth handsfree mode, where you can use any capable Bluetooth earpiece to have natural bilingual conversations face to face. 

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LIT Social Network:  
The Lost in Translation social networking and productivity application enables users to communicate in natural multilingual conversations long distance through instant messenger, social posting, chatrooms and more. Live in a world with no language barriers, communicate in instant messenger in over 50 languages, or in group chats in over 100 languages. New generation coming out in early 2021 with more languages and updated features.